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Welcome to the regional center of North Karelia!

The city of Joensuu is located on both sides of the river Pielisjoki which flows into the beautiful lake Pyhäselkä. The university city of 77 000 people is youthful and modern and has a lot to offer. In the recent years the cityscape has gone through a lot of construction work, which has resulted in a perfect mix of old and new, retaining the city’s history. The city center has several well-cared-for parks and of course the beautiful and idyllic riverside which is a must! We recommend you also visit Taitokortteli which is the travel, arts and crafts, and the cultural part of the city. There you can enjoy small boutiques, restaurants and guesthouses that are waiting to be discovered in these old gorgeous wooden buildings of the block.

Joensuu is known as a bicycle-friendly city because of the reasonable distances and altitudes, topped with a wide cycling network. Therefore, it is best experienced either by foot or bike year-round.

Joensuu is the regional center for culture in which year-round events are of no short supply. The most notable events being Musiikkitalven konsertit, Rokumentti, Yksin sateessa, Ilosaarirock, Joen Yö ja Kirjallisuustapahtuma. In addition, there are also many academic events held in Joensuu, one of which is the tenth Finnish Conference of Cultural Studies.

Winter landscape in Joensuu university area
Gloomy days befall on the city in late autumn but do not be discouraged as the colourful city of Joensuu can surely surprise you even in the grayest of days!



Artfactory Siihtala is a gathering place for theater, events, shows, art, and culture. It is located just a short walking distance away from downtown Joensuu and it houses artists, events, theater, and music, as well as working and conference rooms. The idea of the place is to provide a space for as many people as possible to create as much as possible, which makes it open concept. It’s also a perfect place for seminars and guest performances.

The Artfactory finished building in autumn of 2020 after a year-long building and renovation project. It was constructed solely by volunteers without any public funding, which is how it still operates today. The place is administered by a local theater group Teatteri-Traktori. Artfactory Siihtala is actively used by permanent users as well as guests and other undefined users throughout the year.

Artfactory Siihtala is located at Nurmeksentie 4, right next to the Siihtala ABC gas station.


University of Eastern Finland

Aurora II-building is accessible to wheelchair users. There is a ramp on entrance B and the doors operate electronically. There is an elevator to the second floor.

Agora-building is not fully accessible to wheelchair users, assistance is needed to move around in the building. There are ramps and an elevator.

Restaurant Aura is easily accessible to wheelchair users.

Other venues

Thursday’s dinner event is held in restaurant Kerubi. The building is old and there are spaces on multiple floors. There is wheelchair access to the main floor either via the main entrance or an elevator on the side of the building. There are ramps on the stairs inside the building.

Artfactory Siihtala has some stairs at the main door, but there is another door that can be used for wheelchair access. There are no stairs or doorsteps indoors.

Contact us

Tuomas Järvenpää
the Chair of the Organizing Committee

Covid-19 and Potential Influence on the Conference

The organizers of the conference actively follow and assess the potential influence of the Covid-19 pandemic to the health and security of arranging the conference in Joensuu. As of now, we are organizing the conference in Joensuu. However, if necessary, the conference is moved to be held fully online. Any potential changes will be informed to the participants well in advance.